Traction Unit



CT850 Materials & Constructions
With the all-new CT850 Cervical Traction Add-On Device, the neck wedges, head pad and baseboard are all molded from carefully selected high-quality composite polymer. The complete slider is made of light-weight extruded aluminum. Especially the “Block Joints + Pulleys” , they are CNC milled and machined to perfection from a whole billet aluminum.

CT850 Adjustment
The adjustment of traction angle is simply done by the electric or hydraulic feature of the traction table. The neck wedges can be widened or narrowed depending on patience neck width from either side.

CT850 Assembly
All components and parts of the CT850 are hand assembled with precision. Hence from the therapist point of view, installation and dismantling of the CT850 on/off the traction table is simple, swift and effortless. Just pull out the aluminum PIN that is secured by an O-ring and insert the slider’s stainless steel PIN to the over-hanger then insert the alu. PIN back one again. Mount the over-hanger on the Traction Unit and secure only ONE knob screw. Then pull the traction cord over the 1st pulley then underneath the 2nd one. Walla, the CT850 is ready to provide the patient with a comfortable cervical traction therapy.
1.Attach the slider to the head plate
2.Insert the pin to secure
3.Mount the over-hanger on the Traction Unit and secure only ONE knob screw
4.Pull the traction cord from ET-800 over the 1st pulley then underneath the 2nd one
5.Hook up the cord to the head plate
6.Walla, the CT850 is ready to provide the patient with a comfortable cervical traction therapy

*** CT850 is only compatible with our ET800 Traction Head***

General FAQs

Yes, we have different MOQ for different categories as following.
TENS/EMS - 20/32 sets based on different packages
Probe : 100 sets
Conductive Garment :100 sets
Electrode Pad : 400 packs
Treatment Table : 1 set
Traction Unit : 1 set
Lead Wires : 200 packs
For standard orders , the lead time would be around 2-3 weeks due to our "make-to-order"(MTO) policy.
Our company has been in the medical field for nearly 30 years and we’re also the major medical instrument leader in Taiwan. Morever, in order to have a reliable quality assurance system, Everyway Medical has the criteria of ISO 13485; QSR (US FDA) as well as CE(93/42/EEC/MDD).
We're now facing the new challenges from the container ship traffic jam in the whole world. The shipping fee and the lead time is much higher and longer than usual. Average shipping fee is 5 times as before and the lead time is 50% longer. But we would try our best to help you solve the problems with our 30 years experience.

For North/South America:
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Sea Freight- 20 days
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Express- 3 days

For Middle East:
Sea Freight- 40 days
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For Asia:
Sea Freight- 14 days
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Express- 3 days

Trade wars, the pandemic of Covid-19 and an accident at the Suez Canal have interrupted the rhythm of container ship movement, causing disruptions for international trade.

1.For first order, we would require 100% payment in advance before production.
2.For the second order, we would start accepting 50% deposit and 50% before delivery.

1. T/T(Bank Transfer)
2. Paypal
3. Trade Assurance on Alibaba (With Credit card and TT options)
##We don’t have Western Union Bank.
We have a medical regulation team with over 30 years experience in the medical field and they have supported over 1,000 customers with the medical regulations documents and problems. The team leader has also served in SGS and DNV as a regulator before, so we believe any inquiries from you could be completed.
Yes, we have different MOQ poplices for different products. We would also charge for the one time plated fee for all the private labeling projects. The fee depends on the complexity of the design file.
For TENS/EMS machines:
MOQ 1000 units
For probes:
MOQ 3000 units
For Treatment tables:
MOQ 100 units
For electrode pads:
Inserted card packaging: 5,000 packs
Aluminum packaging ( For the Automated machine): 30,000 packs
One pack includes 4 pieces
Yes, the team leader - Stacy of our design teams started in this industry as a 3D Generalist a bit more than 10 years. She worked in the movie and advertising industry for clients like Nike, Gucci, Rolex and more. So we believe that any 2D and 3D images would be completed perfectly based on your requirements.
We spent 3 years with Sekisui Company which is a leading cosmetic brand in Japan, to develop a special model “TG-30E”. The biggest features of this TG-30E gel are its stickiness and the skin-friendly traits. There is no any toxic chemical ingredients inside the gel so it won’t cause any allergy reaction of the skin. More importantly, this kind of “TG-30E” gel is exclusive to Everyway-Medical which makes our electrodes to have a unique and important position in the electrical pads industry.